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      Hello all,

      Please help me in clearing my doubts I shall be very thankful for you all :)

      1. Regarding "STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST" parameter. I have created Physical standby database on my machine but did not specify any location for "STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST" parameter in spfile file. I am using normal SQL PLUS to create standby database. Could any please let me know what default value this parameter will take, also is it necessary to set this parameter ? or Oracle will automatically assigned default location to it after which all the archive redo logs will go to that location on standby database if managed recovery take place.

      2.If a user is started manual recovery on standby database then how will we come to know that manual recovery is started on standby database. Can we make assumption by looking at the background process active on the server ?

      Correct me if I am wrong::

      If we found (RFS) process is not active in the background then can we conclude that manual recovery is going on standby database because archive log shipping work is done by RFS and those shipped Archive logs is applied on standby database using MRP.

      Thank you

          In Oracle 11

          STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST can be used to specify where archived logs received from a primary database are stored on a standby database. It is no longer necessary to set this parameter, because an appropriate location is automatically chosen.

          In Oracle 10

          STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST is relevant only for a standby database in managed recovery mode. It specifies the location of archive logs arriving from a primary database. Oracle uses STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST and LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT to fabricate the fully qualified standby log filenames and stores the filenames in the standby control file.

          For question 2

          Monitor Various process on standby database by :

          SQL> select process,status from v$managed_standby;

          SQL> select message from v$dataguard_status;

          Mine shows this when things are normal :

          PROCESS   STATUS
          --------- ------------
          ARCH      CLOSING
          ARCH      CONNECTED
          ARCH      CLOSING
          ARCH      CONNECTED
          ARCH      CLOSING
          ARCH      CLOSING
          ARCH      CLOSING
          ARCH      CLOSING
          MRP0      APPLYING_LOG
          RFS       IDLE
          RFS       IDLE
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          h2. later

          On a physical standby database, you can define the STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST



          You can use it to specify Alternate Directory Locations for Archived Redo Log Files

          STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST will overrides the directory location specified with the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n parameter

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            Thankyou Very much for clearing my doubt :)

            So in 10g if we do not set STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST on standby database it will automatically choose appropriate location am i correct ?

            Actually I am working on 10g database and on standby database i did not set this parameter but still everything is working fine. ARCn process is placing archive logs from Primary database to standby FRA area. Both the databases are on same machine.

            Is it mean that STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST default location is standby database FRA if we do not set it in parameter file?

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