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    Can we change the EPM Oracle Instance home directory post configuration?

      Hi All,

      Say the infrastructure consist of 1 UNIX Foundation server and Essbase server:

      1. During installation we set the MIDDLEWARE_HOME to /path/Oracle/Middleware/ and EPM_ORACLE_HOME to MIDDLEWARE_HOME/EPMSystem11R1.

      MIDDLEWARE_HOME for the foundation server and Essbase server are /FoundationServerPath/Oracle/Middleware/ and /EssbaseServerPath/Oracle/Middleware/ respectively.

      2. Now during configuration we need to set the home directory for the EPM Oracle Instances. The default path is: MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects.
      So we would have two EPM Oracle Instances home directories.. One on each server.

      In the future, we decide to scale-up this infrastructure and add another Foundation and Essbase server.
      So we could have the foundation servers clustered to work in active-active mode and the Essbase servers in active-passive mode.

      But as per the Installation guide > Deploying to a Shared Drive Environment (UNIX) point #3:
      All the servers need to have a common share where we will setup the EPM Oracle Instances home directory.
      So during (re)configuration, each server will have the same path for the EPM Oracle instances home directory. But we will specify a new instance instance name for each server.

      This means we need to change the previously configured EPM Oracle Instances home directory for the first two servers?

      Have I understood this correctly? As the /.../user_projects folder will have deployed components like data/web applications/logs files etc.. I don't think it can be changed...

      Any inputs would be really helpful.

      Thanks in advance!

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