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    ASM driver not found for OL 6.2

      I recently installed OracleLinux 6.2. The kernel version is The oracleasm library installed is 2.1.5. When I ran the oracleasm update-driver command it did not find the compatible driver -
      Driver for kernel does not exist.

      Where can get the corect driver for oracleasm to funtion? I was able to use the oracleasm configure command but createdisk fails as the versions don't match.

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          You do know that oracleasm oracleasm/ASMlib is not necessary to use ASM? I have never used it on any platform - well, I tested it on a system at home once... but, because I found it redundant, I re-installed without it. Oh - forgot to mention that I have only installed >75 clusters (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux) and never had an issue. I do not do "windows'.

          If someone wants to convince me that it is necessary and what features you get that ASMCMD, ASMCA, sqlplus / as sysasm can't do, I would consider taking another look... maybe.
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            Went back to regular file system
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              ASMLIB driver should be already included in Oracle UEK kernels.
              For redhat kernel asmlib is not supported anymore, take a look at "Oracle ASMLib Software Update Policy for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Supported by Red Hat [ID 1089399.1]"

              But in case you are using redhat kernel, you can use ASM without ASMLIB. Asmlib is not a requirement for ASM.