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hello,ask for help about PLS-00123:program too large

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there is the problem i meet:
database:oracle 9i R2
operating system:WINDOWS XP SP3
Now,i create a winform by C# was used to import the data from Excel to ORACLE
when i insert the data into table more than 800+ column,it was no work and say“PLS-00123:program too large”...
how to let it work,please help,important for's my homework
the sql is:
insert into table values('1','1') ;
insert into table('2','2');
insert into table values('1','1') ;
----------about 900rows----------
insert into table values('903','903') ;

Poor student from Asia
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    Dear linmao,

    once i came across same problem i resolved it by starting transactions for each set of 100 rows than another hundered and in the end i commited all transactions and in case of exception i rolled back all. try this may be this would help you though i know it is not proper solution.

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    As the error message says, the plsql block is simply too large. You can break it up into smaller blocks, or better yet do it a different way as that's really not a very efficient method.

    You might want to look into the Array Binding feature of ODP.NET, and here's an example walkthrough by my buddy Mark.



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