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    Shared Storage & Oracle Clusterware


      Need to ask a basic question regarding the shared storage mechanism in the RAC environment. I have been through documentations but need someone to confirm the following:

      In my scenario, the database is Oracle 11g on Windows 2008 R2. The question is that how will all the nodes participating in the Cluster be connected to the shared storage? Is it through LAN or is it possible to have physical storage in one of the nodes participating in the cluster while other nodes are connected to that node via LAN? The simple question is that where will this shared storage reside?

      Many Thanks
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          For production systems, shared storage must be shared at os level: typically this is done with external storage systems like SAN where LUNs are made available on each cluster node. For example if you use OFCS on Windows all related file systems need to be available in read write mode on all cluster nodes.

          For demo systems, it it possible to use virtual machines for nodes and virtual disks for shared storage: you can find full installation examples on ORACLE-BASE with Windows and VirtualBox or VMWare: http://www.oracle-base.com/articles/rac/articles-rac.php.