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    OPA upgrades - documentation?

    Paul Fowler
      Where can we find documentation on how to upgrade OPA from 10.3 to 10.4.

      I assume on the desktops that OPM 10.3 must be uninstalled and 10.4 installed on top of it. Hopefully there are no settings that will be lost in this process.

      But we would like more documentation on the OPA server upgrade procedure... We don't want to lose a lot of our existing settings. We believe we must upgrade our rulesets. Is there an easy way to do this? We use IIS 7.5 on W2K8.

      My current assumption is that I need to do the following:

      Copy the current server settings files to a new location and open them up in a text editor for future copy and paste.
      I need to stop IIS.
      Then I need to copy Web Determinations and Determinations Server directories on top of the existing directories.
      Then I need to go into the new settings files with a text editor and copy all my previous changes into the new settings files.
      I need to remove all the 10.3 rulesets from the server.
      Then I need to take all the rules and recompile them with OPA 10.4 and put the newly compiled rulesets into the deploy directory.
      Then I can restart IIS and test?

      Is that the basic process?
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          Upgrading OPA Web Determinations requires that you merge any changes with the new version.

          1. Make sure you keep a new copy of the existing Web app

          2. If you have made changes to any of the template (*.vm) files you must merge those changes into the new Web Determinations templates. These do change between versions

          3. If you have made changes to any in configuration, you must merge those changes into the new Web Determinations. Once again, these do change between versions.

          4. Any plugins or extensions must be recompiled against the new version libraries (dll, or jars).

          5. All rulebases will need to b re-compiled in the matching OPM version

          For the template and properties changes you should use a text comparison tool like WinMerge (http://winmerge.org/) to help you cope with any complexity. Mostly, you should expect that the plugins or extensions will require no changes, or minor ones, but you do need to retest them against a new version.

          For Determinations Server you probably only need to worry about Steps 4 and 5, although if you have made any configuration/properties file changes (step 3) you will need merge those changes as well.