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    How to validate a node


      I am Oracle apps tech. developer and doesn't know much about Configurator. I got a requirement to validate Node value as soon as user input data into it (it's a text field). As soon as user input data, i need to check if that value is already there in the system. If so, throw exception and force him to change the node value.
      Can anyone please suggest me how to proceed. FYI.. i am not java expert.

      Thank you
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          Kaushal Bhati

          I guess you will need a CX.

          when user enters a value to the node,your CX will get fired.

          it will take the current value and check with your database.if value already exists then you have to empty that node in the CX. and show a message that you needs to change the value of node.

          Let me know if you need code.

          send a mail on kosal01bhati@gmail.com

          I will provide you the code.

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            Yeah Kaushal, i understood that i need CX and i need to use CIO interface to do it but not sure how :(. Going to send you email.

            Thank you