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    Localization the list of profile DIS, reset new skin after restart server.

      Hello everybody,

      I have a problem with profiles localization in DIS (Desktop Integration Suite).
      At the top of the DIS search page I see a list of profiles which is presented as their labels or captions like wwTP... instead of their names in accordance with localization rules.
      At the same time the list of value for attribute - profile is presented correctly at the main part of DIS search page. There is no any problem with localization other attributes names or their values in DIS and there is no problem with localization of profiles names in UCM (New Check-in Bar Menu).

      Other problem is reset new Skin after restart UCM server.
      I've made a new custom componet with new layout and new skin. In case if I correct the file skin.css which is located in catalog with my new skin everything then everything will be ok only till restart server.
      I attempted to write style changes into component and it ensured the saving the changes after restart the server. But the css file is not too easy to transfer into component
      and I hadn't got all necessary style changes using this component.

      UCM ver. (and and DIS ver

      Any idea how to solve these problems?
      Thanks a lot,

      BR, Alina