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    "Printing bootstrap information failed" error coming from EBS.

    Arun Vijayan
      We have two storage nodes and both tape drives in library configured as NDMP device. One external tape drive is connected in backup server SFV215 for index.
      This is the error coming from EBS 7.4 software at the end of backup in c4 tape library

      No full backups of this save set were found in the media database; performing a full backup
      42785:nsrndmp_save: Performing backup to NDMP type of device
      42897:nsrndmp_save: Opened the tape device : /dev/rmt/2816
      42617:nsrndmp_save: NDMP Service Log: Direct Access Restore information is supported
      42952:nsrndmp_save: head2:/H2VOL1/Edit_Backups NDMP save running on 'sfv215'
      42923:nsrndmp_save: NDMP Service Error: Creating checkpoint on "/H2VOL1/Edit_Backups".

      42738:nsrndmp_save: Data server halted: Error during the backup.
      42913:nsrndmp_save: Save session closed with NW server successfully

      savegrp: suppressed 2 lines of verbose output
      42897:nsrndmp_save: Opened the tape device : /dev/rmt/2816
      42899:nsrndmp_save: Continuing backup to the next volume
      42617:nsrndmp_save: NDMP Service Log: Runtime [H2VOL] 571373322240 bytes (532.1GB): 25950 seconds.

      The NDMP backup is complete.
      42913:nsrndmp_save: Save session closed with NW server successfully

      42914:nsrndmp_save: Sorting File History....
      42916:nsrndmp_save: Sorting File History completed Successfully in 00:00:00 Hours

      42917:nsrndmp_save: Processing NDMP File History...
      42918:nsrndmp_save: head2:/H2VOL Processing NDMP File History completed Successfully on 'sfv215' in 00:00:30 Hours

      42920:nsrndmp_save: browsable savetime=1334058286


      default: unknown printer
      printing bootstrap information failed (reproduced below).

      April 11 00:30 2012 sfv215's bootstrap information Page 1

      date time level ssid file record volume
      03/08/12 13:57:18 full 4250430822 98 0 Full.008
      03/08/12 14:02:54 full 4216876726 100 0 Full.008
      04/05/12 13:43:36 full 4001190960 3 0 Full.009
      04/05/12 14:08:00 full 3950860776 5 0 Full.009
      04/06/12 01:38:27 full 3766352827 7 0 Full.009
      04/11/12 00:30:45 full 4219765597