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    How to pack attribute values in a soap request?


      Had posted this question in the SALT forum, but got no response so far, hence trying out in the TUXEDO forum.

      We are trying to make an external webservice call through GWWS.

      The (soap) request contains an element which looks like:

      +<Request Version="1.0" RequestID="11111111" TypeOfRequest="type1" Echo="false">+
      +<Account xmlns="http://something.com/Domain1/">ABCD1234</Account>+

      We had created this soap request based on the WSDL provided to us by the webservice host.
      We used a tool (like soapui) to generate the the above request.

      To be able to make a service call to this webserive, we used the wsdlcvt to generate the fml32 field headers as:
      wsdlcvt -i <provided wsdl> -o <baseoutput name>

      However we could not find a way to pack in the the information related to the attributes.
      In vain, we tried to use the option [-m] with wsdlcvt.
      Since there are no field headers generated by the wsdlcvt for the attributes, we do not know how do we put values of "Version", "RequestID", "TypeofRequest", "Echo" attributes of the "Request" element in the webservice request.

      Are we missing something here?
      How can we populate/put information in the attributes of an element in a request?

      Thank you.

      Sincere Regards,
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          Currently, SALT will map the whole request into FLD_MBSTRING if there are any elments which has attribute. For your sample, the Request will map to an field of FML32 whose type is mbstring. When you issue wsdlcvt you will find the corresponding FML32 definition. Below are the steps to send required request:
          1. Compose slimilar XML data (you can prepare a XML file and then read it)
          2. Set it into MBSTRING buffer
          3. Add MBSTRING into FML32 buffer.
          4. tpcall with FML32 buffer.

          Xu He