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    Multiple layout templates for single data template ??

      Hi All,

      Currently I am working on XML publisher , Here I need information about how to create multiple layouts for single data template using RTF .
      Kindly provide me the information like ,how we can load multiple layout template files/how we can register and the process to select particular layout based on the

      Thanks in advance ..

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          Multiple layouts for single data template. I am not sure what you meant bhy this entirely but you could look into this link http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/bi-publisher/overview/bip-subtemplate-1-132933.pdf

          The link talks w.r.t BIP .Not sure if the same would work in XML Publisher but you could give it a try if thats what you are looking for.
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            If you had briefed bit more on the requirement, you could have got better suggestions for your requirements.
            Now its not clear on what you are expecting, anyways find below my inputs too.

            In addition to subtemplate logic suggested by user928059, you can also create multiple layout templates from XMLP Responsibility.
            These templates can have the same data source as your data template.
            At run time, you can choose the desired template from 'Options' tab in SRS screen.

            Or if this layout is for a standard reports, then choose the custom layout created in the setup screens.