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    Exalogic - File Transfers using built-in ZFS 7320 Appliance

      One of our key requirements for the types of applications that we will be hosting on Exalogic is to be able to File Transfer between applications hosted on Exalogic, applications hosted on other platforms and Windows client devices.

      Oracle have stated that they will only support us using NFS to perform file transfers to and from the built-in ZFS 7320 appliance. This appliance supports several other file transfer protocols including CIFS, FTP, WebDAV etc. The CIFS implementation did have a bug with it's Active Directory implementation, which Oracle kindly fixed with a patch. Unfortunately after this patch was supplied they told us that only NFS was supported anyway.

      Because of the critical nature of the applications that we will be running on Exalogic we can only operate within a fully vendor supported model.

      One alternative we are considering is to use Oracle SOA to provide a file transfer mechanism into applications hosted on Exalogic. This will require a small amount of development effort but should be achievable.

      So I am curious to know other customers experience with Oracle's stance on the supportability of protocols other than NFS for file transfer to the built in ZFS 7320 appliance. Is anyone else doing this? Did you know that Oracle don't support it?