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    Deploying AIA 11g composites in Production Environment

      Hi all,

      I am facing one trouble in deploying AIA11g composites in Production Environment. I know how to deploy codes on a usual server but in case of Production we require a single bundle containing say 100 composites for services developed.


      Bundle all AIA composites developed into one single deliverable which can be deployed directly.

      Things known or tried:
      1. Deployment Plans will deploy codes to server manually which will mean that our codes have to be present on remote location so as to deploy them.

      2. How can we archive MDS data (containing AIA design artifacts) and publish it in MDS.
      3. Composites Such as EBS\Requester ABCS contains concrete urls so how can we make sure that they are overriden once we deploy it on Production Server with that server hostname:port.

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          With AIA there is a deployment process that can be used. I suggest looking into the AIAInstallDriver. As part of the deployment plan you can deploy multiple composites and run a configurator called the EndpointConfigurator that will change the host:port information in the composites.
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            user356390 - oracle
            For publishing the changes to MDS, follow the steps -

            1) Source the environment by running aiaenv.sh

            2) Update UpdateMetaDataDP.xml at <AIA_INSTANCE_HOME>/config with the entries of the documents to be published.
            Here is an example of entry for AIAConfigurationProperties.xml -

            <fileset dir="AIA_HOME/aia_instances/INSTANCE_NAME/AIAMetaData">
            <include name="config/AIAConfigurationProperties.xml" />

            Make sure to create different fileset dir tag for each entry, else the documents will not be published to MDS.

            3) Access the $AIA_HOME/Infrastructure/Install/config folder.

            4) Execute the following command:
            ant -f UpdateMetaData.xml

            Hope it helps!
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              Hi Thanks guys for your replies but I am already done these things. What our requirement is to have a single deploy-able file which can directly be deployed on SOA Server without having need of compiling\building and then deploying as we do using AID scripts...

              Will really appreciate your help on this..