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    Oracle ADF BC stress testing

      Hi All,

      I have an Oracle ADF application which uses SOA and ADF BC in back-end. As per my requirement, I need to do stress test on ADF BC back-end component. As I said, this application is containing SOA and ADF BC calls so I prepared a test JSPX file on top of single AM (ADF's application module integrates all BC components).
      This is first step in which I actually test single AM. There-after I prepared a JMeter script which actually makes HTTP URLs for calling JSPX. Firstly, I prepared this script for 15 concurrent users. Accordingly, I made changes in AM pooling configurations.

      This is working fine but I have a doubt here, which is, I need to prepare seperate JSPX files (for different HTTP URLs) for different AMs (i.e. different ADF BC components). Is there any way through which I just pass some code snippet in existing application which actually test the ADF BC component. If I create JSPX file each time for each AM module, this will take too much time and efforts.

      I am looking for something which should be implemented with existing application. I do not know, how to do that?
      Please suggest me in case you have any alternate solutions.

      Dilip Gupta@Wipro