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startscen.bat passing variable to purgelog ?

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Hi guy ,

I have a package that call odipurgelog that will purge the odi log with the date variable.
but it seem not to work with my startscen.bat command.

in the package i have 3 var.

V_PURGE_START_DATE as declare variable type
V_PURGE_END_DATE as declare variable type
V_SUBSTR_DATE as refresh variable type

### V_SUB_STR_DATE ###
from dual

when i execute from ODI Studio
it will ask for the value of each variable before execute.
after defined the value , it successfully purge the odi log.

But when use with startscen.bat command as the following

startscen.bat PURGE_LOG -1 CTX_D1 "-GLOBAL.V_PURGE_START_DATE='2012-04-13 00:00:00'" "-GLOBAL.V_PURGE_END_DATE='2012-04-18 00:00:00'"

and it will error at the step refresh variable

java.lang.Exception: ODI-17506: Variable has no value: GLOBAL.V_PURGE_START_DATE

seem that my defined variable value at start_date , end_date are not effect.

Thank you in advance.


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