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    bugs.sun.com - why do some bugs never get published, and others disappear

      I have recently reported a number of bugs in bugs.sun.com

      It has not been a complete success (to put it mildly) as the bug database has been pagued by poor (abysmal) performance, often rejecting submissions with timeouts or simply just ignoring the submissions.

      A couple of times, however, the submission has been accepted, and I have received an auto-generated email confirmation with a URL link to the bug. But two of my reports have never made it online.
      One example is http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=7105912 which was reported 28-oct-2011, made it to be publicly available for a brief period, but has now disappeared. I have not been notfied in any way as to why.

      Other bug reports have never made it online, and all I have ever received (by mail) is a "Review ID".

      Review ID: 1259800 - Adding convenience instance method format(Object... args) to java.lang.String (2008-06-06)

      Review ID: 1324891 - Addition of protocol handler for "classpath:" protocol (2008-08-22)

      Review ID: 1476003 - Long.valueOf(Str) and Integer.valueOf(Str) never returns singleton (2009-03-12)

      Is this the "normal working procedure"?