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    How to call Apex Application from mod_plsql


      I am completely new to Apex and I am looking for a solution the following scenario:

      We have a complete system of web applications build with mod_plsql.
      In the database we have mostly one table owner who owns all tables and applications.
      Each user connects to the database with his own database account. He is asked one time when he enters the url with the DAD. We do not use LDAP or something like that.
      Now we would like to integrate some APEX applications into our mod_plsql application, but we do not want that the user will be asked for username and password to be able to connect to Apex.

      Is it possible to call Apex from mod_plsql without being asked for username and password again?
      We will use Apex 4.1.1.

      I searched the internet and the forum but I could not find a solution.

      Thanks for your help

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