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    SOA 11g clustered environment ant scripts

      Hi All,

      Just want to find out, when deploying to a cluster in soa 11g using ant, do i have to add the property oc4jinstancename like how we did in soa 10g for ant ?

      Can someone explain and maybe example when the soa ant 11g deployment to clustered environment setup.

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          Neeraj Sehgal
          Hi K,

          As per my knowledge, you don't need to do any additional configurations for this. We developed ant scripts for non-clustered environments that worked absolutely well on the clustered environment also. We refered single soa_server1 in the deployment scripts. The default coherence rule of Weblogic replicates the deployment to all the nodes under a cluster, hence it was deployed to second soa_server2 instance automatically.

          Try and let me know if you face any issues.

          Neeraj Sehgal
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            Hi Neeraj,


            I am having the same issue. When ever I deploy the application it is going to Manager server 1. Application is not deploying  to Manage server2.

            Application deployed, only after restarting the Manage Server 2. Please suggest is this the right way to deploy an application in SOA Cluster.