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    SSLException during handshake, after update to java 1.7

      Hi. I'm using HttpsUrlConnection to access a secure location. It used to work just fine until I updated my JRE to 1.7. Now I get the "Remote host closed connection during handshake" SSLException. After running the app using -Djavax.net.debug=ssl:handshake, both under JRE 1.6 and JRE 1.7, my impression is that under 1.7 the cached client session fails to resume, causing the exception. If this is the problem indeed, how do I solve it or, at least, how can I disable the session caching?

      UPDATE: I have come to understand that under JRE 1.6 my client app uses SSLv2Hello encapsulation. However it does not do that under JRE 1.7, which is most probably what causes the exception. My question is now this: how do I enable SSLv2Hello encapsulation for clients running on JRE 1.7?

      Thanks in advance.

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