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    PoolDisabledSQLException-JDBC Data Source has been administratively disable

      Hi All,

      We are getting this PoolDisabledSQLException once in a while with our banking application deployed on WL 10.3.3. A small study on this issues points more this to an issue with the server while handling the dead cionnections in the pool
      a) When the connection pool got some dead connection due to small network glitches or DB going down for a moment, Server tries to retest the connections and a subsequent failure will urges the server to declare the Pool as disabled . So the enw request will never get served and thus the application fails :(

      I would like to configure to have the testing on dead connection to only once and remove it from the pool and create a new onr for the new or next request. In WL version 8.1 , this option was present in the JDBC-config .xml as "CountOfRefreshFailuresTillDisable" which is not present in the schema for WL 10.3 versions.

      Any pointers to resolve this issue would be highly appreciated. Please find the connection pool params below

      <test-table-name>SQL SELECT 1 FROM DUAL</test-table-name>
      <init-sql>SQL SELECT 1 FROM DUAL</init-sql>
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          Joe Weinstein-Oracle
          If the pool tests a connection and the test fails, that connection will never be re-tested or re-used. It
          is closed and discarded immediately and a replacement for it will be made immediately. However, if
          the pool experiences two successive occurrences of connections being tested, failing, and for each
          of those, the attempt to create a new replacement connection also failed, then WebLogic assumes
          the DBMS is down, and disables the pool. Then pool will then try to reconnect every 5 seconds, and
          will re-enable the pool at that time. This is not easily changeable in 10.3. How different would it be
          if the pool didn't suspend itself, if the DBMS is down?