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      Hi All,

      I read a lot about this system variable and that it may affect performance. Depending on fixpack version one should either set it to true, or false. Siebel Performance Tuning Guide recommends setting it to false. But what exactly does it do? Can anyone explain it what it does and why it may affect performance?

      Thank you!
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          Please check if doc Doc ID 781927.1 on support.oracle.com can be helpful, mainly section "Peeking of User Binds in Siebel CRM" in this document.


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            Michal Roman
            Without this variable siebel was not resuing SQL code, execution plan etc. from memory, but it was hard-parsing (full analysis of SQL) everytime.
            Mostly with LIKE in SQL statement.
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              Hi and thanks for the document. I already knew this doc, but in my opinion it's not clear what they mean. For example in this doc it says

              "It is recommended that Siebel CRM customers deploy a Fix Pack or Quick Fix for their base application version, and leverage the environment variable SIEBEL_ORA_BIND_PEEK to enable or disable bind peeking based on their requirements. The recommended setting is FALSE."

              I tried both versions (True and False) and had a look at the SQL statements in Siebel Log files. In both cases, bind variables were used so I could not see any great difference.
              Anyway, thanks for you help.
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                Bind variables will be used, regardless of the value for SIEBEL_ORA_BIND_PEEK (it seems that you are confusing this with the use of literals). The SIEBEL_ORA_BIND_PEEK is intended for enabling or disabling bind peeking, and does not mean that bind variables would be replaced by literals.