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    Troubleshooting in OSB

      Hi All,

      I have a doubt in OSB. In BPEL if any project is deployed and we test that BPEL process instance will get created in em console for the process.If error occurs at any stage of the BPEL process we can see where the error has occured and what error has occured in that BPEL process by seeing its corresponding instance. Like that is it possible to see the flow trace for an OSB project? Because in OSB instance is not getting created when any application calls the OSB project or when the OSB project is tested from sb console.

      Suppose if a service calls the OSB project and OSB is calling the endsystem[client service --> OSB --> end system], suppose if any occurs in OSB side or end system is down how can we troubleshoot this error? because instance will not get created in sb console. How can we troubleshoot in that case?

      My opinion is when desinging the business logic we can put alerts, or log activities. if we put alert activity we can see the error in Alert destination in sbconsole. if we put log activity means where we can see the error message. Please correct me if i am wrong.

      can anyone help me in this issue?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Patrick Taylor
          As OSB is stateless, concept of instance is not applicable.

          One of the ways is to use alerts, that you seem to have already tried. And if you use the log action, you should see the statements in the server logs.

          Choose an appropriate log level for the different statements and ensure that the weblogic logging level is also set appropriately.

          For ex. if the weblogic logging is set to ERROR and you try to have a log action at DEBUG level, you cannot see the logs.
          if the weblogi logging is set to DEBUG and if you use log action with levels Debug,Info, Warning, Error - all of them will be visible.

          If this is only for your debugging the scenarios, you can also enable tracing (in Operation Settings) on the proxy/business service to capture the complete trace of the execution. But ensure this setting is turned off in PROD environments as this hampers performance.

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            Hi Arun,

            The server logs can be found at the following location - MiddlewareHome/user_projects/domains/<your_domain>/AdminServer/servers/<AdminServer or your osb server>/logs

            Hope this helps.

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              Hi Patrick,

              Thanks a lot for your suggestion, where we need to find the weblogic logging level in the server? How we can find that this logging level is set in the weblogic? AS i am new to this OSB pls help me in this.

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                hi Swagat,

                Thanks for your suggestion. I am able to find the logs in the path which u said.
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                  Patrick Taylor
                  Login to the weblogic console of your domain (http://local host:port/console)
                  Then browse to Home >Servers > server name > Logging tab.

                  You will find the necessary configurations there.

                  Always refer to documentation, you will find most of the details there. Refer http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11035_01/wls100/logging/config_logs.html#wp1012001 fore details.

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                    Thanks Partick, the document is useful.