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    Best Web Programming Tool for Online Store...

      Hello Programming Experts,

      I would like ask your recommendation as to what is the best (IN YOUR OPINION) programming tool/Language to be used in for ONLINE STORE something that has functionalities like Search, categorizing, Purchasing (check-in and out) and also would hold and transmite CREDIT/DEBIT CARD DATA for Financial Institution interface just like specifically Amazon.com or Ebay????

      Please Please let me know your idea.

      Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing your suggestions.
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          programming tool
          a brain.
          Whatever language the functional specifications should be written in. Your native language would be a good choice.

          More seriously: you can do it with PHP, you can do it with Java, you can do it with .NET, etc. etc. I'm a Java programmer so I would do it using Java. The tool ultimately doesn't matter, its the fact that I'm good at what I do and I get to work with people that I like and that have the ability to think and reason which ultimately determines the difference between success and failure, for any type of project.

          You probably already expected it and yes it is going to happen again: I'm not answering the question. I can't. I don't know you.