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    Metadata Setup


      Currently I'm trying to setup the metadata hierarchy from the Hyperion Financial Management Client. Would like to find out, can a child member able to tag to two parent?

      Which mean I have two different #root, and in each #root setup, I would like to reuse the same entitiy code for reporting. Can I do that? How?

      Thanks in advance in any advice give.
      Thank you
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          This is an HFM question not FDM. However you can have alternate hierarchies in HFM which are based on existing hirearchies, although I'm not sure that is what you are looking for.
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            You can not tag two different #roots to a child. But you can tag a child member to two different parents in Alternative hierarchy. (But the default parent on the member attribute remains same for the both members)

            Procedure: First create a member and provide the Default parent on the member attribute. then create an another member and click on member list tab then drag and drop from the list to that member for alternative hierarchy.