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    How to load XML Document into BPEL for XSL Transformation


      I would like to transform an xml document stored in a file on the MDS (oramds:/...).

      UPDATE: Important to add: the filename is being passed to the service and must be accessed as variable

      How can I pass the contents of the file (who's path is accessed in a BPEL variable) to the input parameter of the the xdk:processXSLT() function?
      just passing the path variabel doesn't work, nor does wrapping the path variable in ora:doc(). Any other ideas?

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          I would be intrested in the answer to this question as well. Although it seems like an unusal requirment I guess there could be some situations where it would be useful.

          On our servers (we have a cluster) our metadata is deployed in $AIA_HOME/AIAMetadata so one solution would be to use a file adapter and read it from there. This isn't really satisfactory since it would not read the live metadata. Since sometimes the live metadata gets edited (e.g. changing a .RULES file in Composer) it would be better to read it direct from the metadata store.

          There dosen't seem to be any adapter which would read metadata.

          I guess your xml file will also have a xsd schema associated with it.
          You could declare a BPEL variable with the type specified in the schema and then have some embedded java read the file into this schema.
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            Thanks for your reply!

            How can I reference the MDS from embedded Java code?
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              Files in MDS can also be accessed over HTTP -> http://blog.ipnweb.com/2012/02/referencing-mds-artifacts-via-http.html

              I guess if someone could tell me how to read a file over HTTP with a dynamic filename (e.g. stored in a variable), that would help me too. For now I tried with the HTTP Binding component, but cannot figure out how to pass a dynamic file name. The endpoint definition seems to be in the composite.xml file.

              I just read at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/integration.1111/e10224/sca_bindingcomps.htm#autoId3

              "You cannot change the httpBinding property for the HTTP binding component during runtime in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control."

              I guess the HTTP Binding Adapter won't help either, at least not in the current version of the SOA Suite.

              Any other ideas?

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                Just a quick reply with my solution for now:

                Use Embedded Java code to decode the base64 String,
                Use oraext:parseXML() to parse the decoded String

                for the embedded java part, using bpel 2.0:

                addAuditTrailEntry("Starting decoding*******************");
                String base64 = (String)getVariableData("xmlFileAsBase64");
                addAuditTrailEntry("Base64 encoded string: " + base64);
                String decodedData = oracle.soa.common.util.Base64Decoder.decode(base64);
                addAuditTrailEntry("Decoded string: " + decodedData);
                setVariableData("xmlFileAsXMLString", decodedData);
                addAuditTrailEntry("Encoded string assigned to variable $xmlFileAsXMLString.");
                }catch(Exception exp){  
                System.out.println("Failed to decode base64 message due to : " + exp);

                no imports needed for this!