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    V11.1.2.1 - EIS - Drill Through Error


      When attempting to drill through (Excel) I am getting the following error {ESSNET MESSAGE} on the spreadsheet and EIS crashes. This happens when folks try and drill through at a higher level than the drill through report is set up to do

      Anyone seen this before and know how to "fix" stop it from happening.

      We are on V11.1.2, Windows 2008 R2 with MS SQL 2005 on the backend.

      I am going to migrate the data models etc over to Ms SQL 2008, so I'm hoping that will fix it anyway.

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          There is clearly a disconnect between your Drill Through Report and your outline. The DTRs should not even be available at intersections higher than those the report is set to.

          By any chance, did you change the order of your Dimensions in EIS? That can cause the problem you are seeing. For each metadata outline the EIS catalog assigns system numbers to the dimensions from top to bottom beginning with 1. DTRs uses & stores those numbers in the DTR definitions, as well as the levels the drill is allowed at those dimensions.

          If the DTR thinks the system number is one dimension, but turns out to be another, you will have problems.

          Hope this helps,

          Tim Young
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            Let me clarify - EIS crashes (not all the time) before the user is presented with the box for choosing the drill through report link. Normally this is just empty when they try and drill at a higher level than any report, but sometimes it crashes EIS when they do and doesn't present the empty box.

            Just wondered if anyone else also had the same issue or if it's just due to the version with MS SQL 2005. we are upgrading to SQL 2008, which doens't appear to do the same thing...yet.