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    Metadata access problem

      I'm new be to oracle OCCI and i'm trying to develop my application, i'd like to work with metadata but when i try ro retrive metadata from vector compiler give me an Access violation.
      I'm not the db admin.
      I'm using VS C++ 2008 and Oracle OCCI 11 32 bit libraries

      std::vector<oracle::occi::MetaData> md = rRes->getColumnListMetaData();

                for(int iCount=0;iCount<11;iCount++)
                std::cout<<"Column Name:"<<(md[iCount].getString(oracle::occi::MetaData::ATTR_NAME))<<std::endl;
                     std::cout<<"Data Type:"<<(md[iCount].getInt(oracle::occi::MetaData::ATTR_SCHEMA_NAME))<<std::endl;

      Any one can help me?