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    User Management in OEL - NIS, FreeIPA, RHEL IdM?

      Good Morning!

      We're looking at migrating away from a series of Solaris on SPARC boxen to a bunch of OEL6 on x86 boxen. We may end up with 15-20 instances of OEL running, supporting EBS R12 and Database 11gR2 instances.

      I need a means to effectively manage users, so all the boxes have nearly the same users with the same passwords, SSH keys, and home directories. On our Solaris boxen, we're currently using NIS. It isn't a very preferred setup any more with a bunch of security issues. It appears RedHat has thrown their bones in with FreeIPA, rebranded as RedHat Identity Management (IdM). Is this the recommended means of managing users between servers in OEL? What are y'all doing out there?

      Thanks for any pointers!