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    Multiple Receiving Quality Collection Plans

      I am trying to setup collection plans to capture results when receiving a PO. I am able to see only 1 collection plan and i don't see my new collection plan, is there any profile option or setup to enable multiple receiving collection plans ?

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          We have an OPM template ( TEMPLATE OPM RECEIVING INSPECT ) from which you have to build your own collection plan.

          I have some old notes from the past which I will share with you here.


               Steps Required Prior to Executing Test
          1.     In Oracle Quality, new Quality collection elements and collection plan have been seeded.
          2.     In Oracle Inventory, item is Process Quality enabled.
          3.     In OPM Quality System Parameters, set Lot Optional to Yes and Delayed Lot Entry to No.
          4.     In OPM Quality, optionally set up an OPM sampling plan for incoming inspection.
          5.     In OPM Quality, create an approved item specification and a supplier specification validity rule associated with the sampling plan.
          6.     a) In Oracle Quality, create a collection plan (e.g. call it OPM RECEIVING INSPECTION and copy elements from the seeded collection plan from 1 above called TEMPLATE OPM RECEIVING INSPECT ) with seeded collection elements that correspond with the OPM Quality sample group.
          The Collection Plan will be setup by the end-user with Collection Triggers so that, only for specific conditions allowed by the collection triggers for the Inspection transaction, will this collection plan be applicable during RCV Transaction (aka enabling)
          .e.g. for Quality Collection Transaction. ‘Inspection Transactions (Oracle Purchasing) set up Collection trigger of ‘Item’ Condition ‘equals’ and From value of ‘9010’.

          7.     After the plan has been copied over, please verify if all the elements and actions are correctly copied over. The details of elements and actions are listed out in the Technical Design document for reference. For example, verify that actions for assigning a value to the Sample Disposition Code, Quantity, Inspection Result are present. Verify that the Action on Inspection Result for Accept and Reject are correct etc. Please verify the element settings such as Mandatory-flag, read-only flag etc are as per the Technical Design document .
          8.     Also, navigate to Quality à Setup à Collection Elements form and verify the Sample Disposition Code seeded element is correctly seeded – Refer to Technical Design document for reference.
          9.     In Oracle Quality, the profile option QA: PO Inspection set to “Oracle Quality” instead of “Oracle Purchasing”.
          10.     In Purchasing Receiving Options, set Receipt Routing to ‘INSPECTION REQUIRED’

          User Implementation Guide consideration for Receiving Inspection.

          1. It is recommended that the total receipt line quantity be recorded as either the amount of material accepted or rejected based on the final sample group disposition, since partial quantities typically do not apply to Process items.
          i.e If the Inspection result is “Accept” then Accepted Quantity must be equal to Quantity and Rejected Quantity must be zero. If the Inspection result is “Reject” then Rejected Quality must be equal to Quantity and Accepted Quantity must be zero.

          2. With reference to the ‘Reject the Input’ action with an error message to prevent recording inspection when sample disp is Pending or Cancel etc., there is one point to note, viz. - When you have a ‘Reject the Input’ action, there is a corresponding error message this column is not a Translated column.. Hence the Quality Manager who manages collection plans setup, can alter this message content to suit their needs as appropriate during implementation.

          3. It was also clarified that in Oracle Quality, user can enter more than one row of result in the collection plan. In the OPM scenario, most of the times, user will enter only one row of result and this is the recommendation.

          4. To ensure that the tie-up between the quality records and the sample inspection in the OPM data model for future usage is operative, then please make sure that Oracle Alerts sub-system in functioning.

          Debgging information

          1. If get error

          APP-QA-16135: Quality Results cannot be entered because no Collection Plans apply" in the Receiving Transaction form.

          a,. Add a transaction named "Inspection Transaction" to this plan
          b, . Don't setup a spec for this collection plan in Oracle Quality - so under the Specification pushbutton, the 'No specifications used' radio button will be selected

          2. Is the receiving option receipt routing set to ‘Inspection required”
          3.The design does not allow for accept or reject of partial quantities – is the ct using partial quantities ?
          4.This is a one shot deal on the collection plan entering of quality results. Is the ct trying to re-enter results in the collection plan again?
          5. Receiving inspection requires the sample group to be at a final disposition. Is the customer using single sample, sample groups or multi-sample sample groups when this occurs? Is the automatic single sample disposition workflow set to auto or manual?

          Because neither the quantity or sample result is being picked up, maybe the sample group for the sample(s) is not at a final disposition. This may explain why this is being regarded as intermittent.

          6. Note bug 5300577

          Once a sample or sample group has been assigned a final disposition of Accept, Accept with Variance, Reject, or Cancel, it should not be updateable to another disposition. Please check what is the customer's scenario that allows them to change from the Reject disposition to Accept with Variance. Are they entering a second sample against the same receipt and sample group as the first sample? Or perhaps the second sample belongs to a different sample group than the first sample?

          7. To clarify . When you open the screen to enter results in Oracle Quality, it will reflect whatever is the current sample group disposition that corresponds to the item/receipt. I believe collection plans in Oracle Quality only allow data to be entered and saved once. After this point, the user cannot go back to this screen from Oracle Purchasing. If the user does not save any data, then s/he can re-enter the form multiple times and see the up-to-date sample group disposition automatically populated.

          8. In Oracle Quality, user can enter more than one row of result in the collection plan. In an OPM scenario, most of the times, user will enter only one row of result.