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    obiee 10g - schedule to clear cursor cache

      hi, experts, I applied the command line to clear cache.
      I found that it only clears cache at bi server level (cache entries in rpd).
      it does not clear the cursor cache (those are viewed in Web , Manage Session)
      can I set any schedule to clear cursor cache?
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            Satya Ranki Reddy

            OBIEE Cursor Cache clear from Dashboard Java Script
            OBIEE Cursor cache is normally cleared from the Administration - Manage Sessions Screen...

            Here is a way that a piece of java can be embedded into a dashboard and call an xframe so you cant see it being called and clear the OBIEE Cursor cache - Presentation cache in effect.

            1. Just insert a text box into Dashboard - Tick the "Contains HTML Markup"
            2. Paste the script below into the text box

            <script language="javascript">
            "<iframe width=0px height=0px src=" +
            document.location.href.match(/^[^?]+/) +
            "?ManageSessions" +
            document.location.href.match(/&_scid=[^&]+/) +
            "&Action=CloseAllCursors&Done=saw.dll%3fSessions',{ensureFreshUrl:true});return false;')></iframe>"

            Voila - when ever you click on the dashboard or refresh it the cursor cache will get cleared.

            Please refer the below links for more information on this.

            What Is Presentation Services Cache In Fact?


            how to seed n clear cache of obiee


            How to clear the cache daily automatically


            Award points it is useful.

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              hi,I do it refer your advice, but,it doesn't work. Could you provide a case which includes images to me .
              thanks very much.
              if possible,please post it to my e-mail:512897918@qq.com. thanks again