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    An Oracle OCCI program compiled in Win 7 x86 VC++10 crashes in a Win XP Sp3

      I generated a VC++ program in my computer under Win 7 32bits linked to Oracle Instant Client OCCI library. It works very well in my machine when selecting data from a database but, when I copy this executable together with oraocci11.dll ( for VC10), oci.dll and tnsnames.ora to a client machine, which does not have VC++ but it has the VC10 distributable installed, it crashes with:
      Faulting application consoracle.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x003b003a.

      in the 2nd line:
      env = Environment::createEnvironment (Environment::DEFAULT);
      conn = env->createConnection (user, passwd, db);

      (env has invalid reference)

      I spent many hours trying to solve this problem without success. The environment variables: path, ORACLE_HOME are appropiately configured.
      What do you thing is happening?

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