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        hi i have already start a project without jheadstart as jheadstart 11g release 2 was not out how can i continue my project with jheadstart 11g release 2 do you thing i must downgrade my jdeveloper to 11.1.1 as jheadstart 11.1.1 does not work in jdeveloper 11g release 2
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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle
          Jheadstart 11.1.2 is now available.

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            where can i get evaluation version of Jheadstart 11.1.2
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              Steven Davelaar-Oracle

              JHeadstart exists for more than 10 years (even predates ADF), so yes, it is likely there will be JHeadstart 12c as well, but we cannot guarantee this.
              Note that even if there wouldn't be a JHeadstart 12c, you are not stuck. The runtime source code is shipped with JDeveloper, so you can upgrade your R11 app to 12c, just like any other handbuilt app not using JHeadstart.
              You would loose the generation capabilities of JHeadstart, but nothing stops you from upgrading and further developing your application in 12c.

              I believe the official statement is that JDev 12c is targeted for second half of this calendar year.
              In general, JHeadstart is between 0-3 months behind, but this largely depends on the number of changes that will be made to JDev 12c. JHeadstart is a true best-practice toolkit, so if significant changes are made to ADF 12c it might takes us longer to come up with a new version that reflects the best practices for the new ADF release. For example, the shift from R10 to R11 took us much longer because of the wealth of new features and technologies introduced.

              Steven Davelaar,
              JHeadstart team.
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                Hi Steven,

                Now that ADF 12c is out, do you have a estimate when will the Jheadstart 12c will be available?


                We are in the process of upgrading our jheadstart 10g application to 11g. The availability of JHS 12c will be an important factor for the planning of our upgrade path. If JHS12c will not be available in the future, we might have to consider not upgrading to JHS11g at all, and go directly to ADF11g or 12c.


                Your advise is greatly appreciated.




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                  Thanks StephenJ and StevenD! I think we will upgrade to JHS11 first, so that at least we could take advantage of the supported migration to JDEV12c. Because we have a vast amount of custom templates using ADF10g, it is a big effort to upgrade to ADF11g. We just hope that ADF11g->ADF12c upgrade would be easier.


                  Thanks again,


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                    Stephen J.

                    Hi Yongwen,

                      We upgraded from 10 to 11 about 2 years ago.  One thing we found when dealing with our custom templates was that there were a lot of things we had previously customized that were now built in to ADF or JHeadstart and we no longer needed our custom templates.  It's going to depend entirely on what and how you've customized, but definitely check and see if there's an easier way to re-implement your functionality before you spend time on the templates.

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                      Steven Davelaar-Oracle



                      Since JDev 11 and 12c are based on the same ADF technology stack, the upgrade will me much easier.

                      Only difference is the use of facelets, but this has hardly any impact on JHeadstart apps, only the UIShell page will change slightly.


                      Steven Davelaar,

                      JHeadstart Team.

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