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    .webservice with both soap and Restful support

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      I am developing a webservice which needs to support both the SOAP as well RESTful.
      Initially developed in AXIS2 and works fine. I'm able to invoke the service thru web browser and invoke the services and getting response.
      But the problem is that AXIS is very very slow when need to upload data more than 50MB.

      In this scenarion JAXWS is working with a blazing speed.
      So planned to reimplement it with JAXWS

      I found an example dual-binding in the distribution. This service is working with the given client is distribution but when tried to invoke thru browser it is not working. I tried the urls below and none works.

      Browser simply says that "The requested resource (/jaxws-dual_binding/add) is not available.

      When brosed the wsdl, its not showing any http bindings.

      If not browsable, then how would it said to be rest support.
      Am i doing anything wrong.

      Please suggest.