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    LOV Validation

      I am developing a new mobile form in which I have a LOV field. So far, I am able to allow user to select a value by pressing Ctrl-L and selecting from the LOV list. I would also like the user to enter/scan a value for this LOV field and if it exists, populate other fields. If the entered value doesn't exist, prompt the user with a list of values from the LOV list. But I am having issues designing the manual entry component of the LOV field.

      Oracle documentation on Mobile development is negligible if not entirely non-existent. I have looked at other websites for basic guidance and been able to develop the form. But now I am at a point where I can't seem to find any more guidance. Can somebody here guide me on how to find this information or perhaps share examples of similar code elsewhere?

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          In the constructor of LOVadd following code

          You may also choose to add code to the constructor of page (after adding lov field to page)

          It should work.

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            Thanks for your response. I ended up using a TextField in the other form. Now, I am creating another form that requires this functionality but just adding field.setValidateFromLOV(true) in the page constructor for the LOV doesn't seem to be helping. When I try to obtain the partially entered value from the LOV field, it returns an empty string. When I enter a partial value such as "S", it still returns all values in the LOV, even those that do not start with "S".

            Do you have a code snippet you could share?


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              I figured it out. When setting InputParameters for the LOV, I was using LOVName.GetValue(). I set it to the name of the LOV field instead as "xxxx.wms.MWAPageName.LovFieldName" and it started working as desired.
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                Perfect...well done!!
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                  Hi Hrishi,it is happy see you here :)