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    wlclient.jar/wlthint3client.jar from web logic 12 c does not support JDK5?

      Hi All,
      I need to use wlclient.jar / wlthint3client.jar (wlinitialcontextfactory.class) inside my java application which is build under JDK 5 to connect to web logic 12c server using JNDI. The problem is UnsupportedClassVersionError occur. I think this is because the jar file which I get from wl12c can not be run from JRE 5,

      1. is true that we can't access web logic 12c JNDI from JRE 5?
      2. any suggestion so that I can access the web logic 12c through JNDI using application which run in JRE 5?

      Thank you in advance.