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    UPK 3.6.1 appears to not process HTTP proxy settings correctly

      We are currently in the user acceptance testing stages of introducing Oracle UPK 6.3.1 for development and delivery of eLearning. We have run into two issues in the content developer client, both of which seem to be related to HTTP proxy settings. The clients and the server are all on the same network so there is no reason for the UPK client to attempt to access the internet.

      When the developer creates a new Topic (i.e. piece of eLearning content) they aere prompted to log into the proxy but when they do a 'Web Page not available' page appears in the 'Introduction pane'. It seems that the developer client is attempting to access the server via the internet rather than directly. The developer can still create the eLearning content, capture screens &c, and when the content is published it displays fine in the viewer (including the Introduction page).

      When developer adds a HTML page into the eLearning content and puts an image on the page they get a placeholder, white rectangle with a red cross for image file not found, rather than the image. The page displays fine in the viewer but obviously the developers cannot resize the image or see how it will appear onthe page and how the rtest of the page fits around it.

      For security reasons the majority of users are blocked by group policy on their logon ID (Active Directory) from changing their browser proxy settings (to prevent them accessing any rogue proxyies they might introduce to the network or avoiding proxies entirely and connecting direct via a rogue wi-fi network, 3G dongle or other direct connection). Browser proxy setting are delivered via an automatic configuration script such as (NB details have been anonymised):
      function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
      if (     isPlainHostName(host) ||
                dnsDomainIs(host, ".somedomain.pri") ||
                dnsDomainIs(host, ".someotherdomain.uk") ||
                          url.substring(0,10)=="http://10." ||
                url.substring(0,11)=="https://10." ||
      return "DIRECT";
      return "PROXY proxy.somedomain.pri:80; DIRECT";


      This first specifies some exceptions (if the URL points to a server in the somdomain.pri or someotherdomain.uk domains or an IP address beginning with 10 is specified then don't use the proxy) and tels the browser to use the proxy.somedomain.pri proxy on port 80 if an exception doens't apply. The URL used is as http://UPKServer.somedomain.pri/odscontent so would be recognised as an exception.

      It seems as if the UPK developer client is picking up the location of the proxy but not picking up or is not recognising the exceptions.

      I have access to change my browser proxy settings so have tried manaully setting the same exceptions. When I do this the client appears to work correctly and not use the proxy. We are very unlikely to be permitted by corporate governance to allow the content developers to be able to change their browser proxy settings like this.

      We have applied the latest service pack and are running the developer client on Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6 (corporate standard due to some applications not being certified with IE 8 and above).

      Has anyone else run into something like this?

      We have spoken to the Oracle Principal Sales Lead we have been dealing with who just says it's something wrong with our proxy settings and we should raise an SR. We're currently in the process of collating the information to do this. I figured I'd ask here in the hope someone could shed some light and point me in the right direction.