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    cam 6.9 web login RESOLVED

      Hi ,

      we have tried to install a new cam 6.9 on linux and then on windows , but we encontered the same problems .

      Cannot login on the web gui java web console using root with root password on linux and Administrator using Administrator password on windows . We have run some debug on linux and found that pamlogin called by the java gui report that cannot find user login and password .


      Edit post

      On linux centos 6.2 standalone not in a domain we have found the problem , you need pam library for both 32 and 64 bit .
      (the default on 6.x is 64 bit , on 5.x the default is both 32 and 64) (the server with the previous version CAM was a 5.x)

      Resolved also on windows server you MUST use the domain Administrator password and not the server login Administrator password.

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