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    Java Security Warnings..

      We are running a browser with JRE Version 6, Update 27, as well as JRE Version 6, Update 31 BOTH installed. Both Java versions are required, as one of our sites requires Update 27. We are forcing the site to pull the update 27 by classID. When we access the site, we are getting a warning message that says 'The application requires an earlier version of Java, do you want to continue?' At this point we need to hit 'run' to continue using Update 27.

      My question is whether or not there is a way to suppress this message in the registry or through a setting. If I uncheck the setting for 'enable the next generation java plugin' I don't receive the error message, but the site also uses the incorrect version of java, so that isn't an option.

      Any suggestions for suppressing the warning message, yet still using the correct java?

      Thank you!