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    How to verify Session Variables using web analytics dashboard

      This is my first post. Easy points to the first good answer... if I can figure out how to give out points.

      Problem: I need to know how to verify that the Session Variables set with the Oracle BI Administration tool are being used by the web analytics tool.

      Environment: Windows running Oracle BI 10g. Connecting to the database using web analytics http://<server>:9704/analytics, web analytics running in a windows explorer browser.

      Current Status: The analytics tool is connected to the database and I can use the "Answers" screen of the Dashboard to probe tables and things look as expected.
      In the Oracle BI admin tool I can see the web analytics session and I can see that it thinks the Session Variables are set correctly.
      I have reason to doubt that the analytics tool is getting the right variables and I need to check this.
      I know I should be using the "Answer" window to create some form of a query that includes NQ_SESSION.<my variable>, but I can not figure out what the format should be to get the job done.

      That's all I need.