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    Symbolic URL's - PostRequest not working?

      Using Thick Client.

      I'm having an issue getting PostRequest working with Symbolic URLs. It is working fine without PostRequest argument (causes it to use GET instead of POST).

      When I make any of the Field's required, the applet doesn't appear at all, so it would appear that for some reason when I use the PostRequest argument the applet is not seeing any values for the Fields. (Rather than an issue with the server/network not allowing POST for some reason)

      FYI I am using the following to see all the variables my page receives:
       <?php var_dump($_POST); ?>
       <?php var_dump($_GET); ?>
      Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any useful information about using PostRequest other then the very little that is mentioned in the BookShelf.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. As much as I have been researching this, I could probably answer just about any other question that you have about Symbolic URL's.

      One other question. In case I need to hack around this (if there is a problem with our siebel version) to get my prototype finished, how can I use Symbolic URL's with a local HTML file. (in client/public/enu)