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    [URGENT] Opportunity.wsdl - how to query the opportunity revenue?

      Hi All,

      I need to write a web services (opportunity.wsdl) to query the Item Revenue from the opportunity. How can be done? Refer the screenshot below,


      The code as below,

      Dim lstOfOppQuery As New ListOfOpportunityQuery
      Dim lstOfProdRevQuery As New ListOfProductRevenueQuery
      lstOfOppQuery.Opportunity = myOppQuery
      lstOfProdRevQuery.ProductRevenue = myProdRevQuery
      'Number of records to fetch
      lstOfOppQuery.pagesize = "100"
      lstOfProdRevQuery.pagesize = "100"

      'Set OpportunityQueryPage_Input
      Dim myOppInput As New OpportunityQueryPage_Input
      'Dim myOppInput1 As New reven
      myOppInput.ListOfOpportunity = lstOfOppQuery
      'myOppInput.ListOfOpportunity = lstOfProdRevQuery

      'Get the output
      Dim myOutput As OpportunityQueryPage_Output
      'Dim myOutput As
      myOutput = accntPrxy.OpportunityQueryPage(myOppInput)

      I able to query the opportunity data but failed to input and output the revenue, please help.

      Please have a guide. Thanks :)

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