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    UCM 11g - ContentID counter - how to reset?

      I have migrated a bunch of content from an instance of Stellent into Oracle UCM 11g.

      Stellent used a "counters" table to know how to increment the ContentId of new check-ins.

      11g uses something different - db autoincrement fields, I think.

      Anyways, when I check in a doc to the system, I get errors "The content ID '546437' is not unique", for example.

      How does one reset the content ID counter to some number like 750000 so I don't have this problem. I'd rather not have to add a prefix to the content ID (eg ucm546437).

      I just want to set the counter to some arbitrary high number and just let it roll from there.

      Please let me know.

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          ryan sullivan2
          Here's a post showing details on the new implementation:


          Basically, it caching an allocation of content ids, so it's not as exact as it used to be as far as sequence goes.

          if you want a random, unique id, can you simply check in the content item w/o ddocname? That will auto-create one for you from the id pool.

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            Thanks Ryan. I did read that blog post.

            My problem isn't that I particularly care about what the contentID is, it's that the "cached" sequence is just not high enough to check in new documents. Is there a way to simply reset the sequence to, say 700000, and just let it roll from there? That would solve my problems.

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              ryan sullivan2
              Hmm.. have you tried to change the LAST_NUMBER value in the IDCSEQDOCID sequence?

              Looks like the common method to do this is to alter the sequence to change the increment value, then trigger the sequence to increment the LAST_NUMBER.

              For example, if you wanted to increase the value of the counter by 30000, you would:


              to get the current value of the sequence


              to set the increment step


              to trigger the increment step

              ALTER SEQUENCE IDCSEQDOCID increment by 1;

              to return the sequence increment back to normal


              to verify that the sequence is at your new range

              I have not done this, so make sure to test it on a PoC system or DEV system! Let us know how it goes!

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                Hi Ryan,

                I guess I'm not following you. The statements below do not look like anything I've ever seen in MS SQL Server. Are these system functions on an Oracle DB?

                So, just for records, there are several "IdcSeq*" tables in my database.

                None of them show an Identity seed of 546438, which is where UCM wants to set my contentIDs on a new check in. I'm trying to force the number to be 640000 so I won't have any collisions with existing content migrated from another system.

                I guess I am completely unsure where the contentID counter lives at this point.

                Any ideas?


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                  ryan sullivan2
                  yeah, I was referring to Oracle sequences.

                  do you see a table named "IDCSEQDOCID" in your db?

                  SQL Server handles auto-numbering differently than Oracle dbs. SQL Server can apply an 'increment' directly to a field in a table or it can use a GUID, which is closer to oracle's distributed (i.e., not self-contained in the table) option.

                  Does this article point you in the right direction:


                  Can you find the "IDCSEQDOCID" sequence using the method described in that post?


                  Ryan Sullivan | ECMconsultant
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                    Unfortunately, I'm using SQLServer 2005 and not 2012 - there is no "sequence object" in my database.

                    It is completely unclear where UCM pulls a number for the dDocName field...
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                      ryan sullivan2
                      Does this shed some light:


                      if you search for "Sql server 2005 sequence" you'll get a lot of information about how oracle sequences are defined in sqlserver. I'd hope that one result would be able to provide some direction.

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                        I have been unable to determine where the heck UCM generates the ContentID sequence. I'm not sure anybody knows, sadly. I have changed increment seeds on the tables and it did not affect the ContentID naming. Go figure.
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                          I am facing the same error against SQL Server 2008 database. I tried to follow the tips in this post and change some configurations and data in my database, but it doesn't work. Would someone have any advice?

                          Otavio Lima
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                            I have just been working on the same thing. In addition to changing IDCSEQDOCID Ialso changed IDCSEQREVCLASSID & IDCSEQREVID. As advised in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23520_01/doc.311/e20664/chapter_13.htm (13.3). This allowed me to manually increment the next id to 100,000 for our migration.