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    Option to link Contract Management Project in P6 is Greyed out!

      P6v8.1 EPPM (Web), CM14.

      I have entered the URL for the CM server in P6 under the Admin settings.
      I go to the Project Preferences menu option to connect a P6 schedule to a CM project. The window pops up, I click on "Contract Management".

      I am unable to select the Group Name Project Name. The whole box and the tree icon next to the box are Greyed out.

      I am an Admin Superuser and a Project Superuser.

      Oddly enough, I am able to login to CM, and connect a P6 schedule to the CM Project from there, but it does not work from P6. I need it to work dfrom P6 becuase I want to put in CM Dashboards in P6.

      I have a related issue about being unable to login to P6 and CM at the same time - I shall post anotheer thread on that.