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    OEL 4.6 Installation Support

      Dear all,

      I have strucked in a OS installation.

      We have one Widows Server 2008 R2 Running on DELL Xeon Processes X3470 [64 bit 2.93 Ghz]

      I would like to convert this Windows Server into Linux Server[OEL 4.6].

      What are the steps i have to follow. Is OEL 4.6 will support this above mentioned processor .
      Kindly advice me to install OEL 4.6

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          Why would you install an ancient operating system? If it has to be based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, why not using 4.9 at least? Have you checked with DELL? There are certainly more components than just the CPU that need to be supported.

          Could be useful:


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            Thank you Mr.Dude,,

            Actually we deside to use our old Dell Machine for local test instance, we would like to install 11i and R12 in this machine for local purpose.
            We choose OEL4.6 because this is a stable version in OEL serious which will support both 11i and R12.
            If i am wrong kindly advice me.

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              OS support required for your hardware and OS support required for your EBS installation are different issues.

              I suggest to ask the question about EBS in the EBS forum https://forums.oracle.com/forums/category.jspa?categoryID=3.

              Regarding your DELL system, you will need to research the matter with DELL. There is a OEL 4.6 deployment guide at the DELL links. The Intel Xeon X3470 was launched Q3 2009, which is way beyond the release date of 4.6 Q4 2007. Changes are that the CPU is not or not fully supported and you will need a newer version of the OS to take advantage of the new CPU features.