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    Definitive change email question

      Ive gone through the previous posts on this but yet to see a definitive answer,.

      My email is my username when logging in (as Im sure it is for everyone else as well), when I go to the MYprofile page from OTN I dont see an "email change" option, just a "change username" page and when I click on that I see "current username = my.email address", does that suffice for the email change?

      When I go to "email change" in MOS, brings me to same page I'll assume it does.

      And the old reliable "can I keep my post count/watches" if I do the username switch question as well?

      Am I right in saying it takes 1-2 days for profile to be updated, so best changing on a friday evening and monday should see me good?
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          If you are referring to the following...

          Go to : http://www.oracle.com/technology/index.html
          click on "Account" next to your username at the top
          click on the "Change Username" link at the top.

          ... then yes, this is your logon email address.

          In theory it should keep your number of posts and forum points. In reality, this hasn't appeared to be reliable for many of those who've tried it in the past (or perhaps it's only those who've had a problem that we see complaining about it, and don't hear of the successfull changes), often with them ending up with a new account and starting at 0 posts and points again.

          Not sure how long it takes to be effective, but I do know it's all around the single sign on stuff, so no doubt it has to propagate around some servers and takes at least some time to do that.

          More info is available here:


          Important things to note before making a change to your e-mail address
          Before you change your e-mail address, here's a few important things you will need to know:

          1.The new e-mail address will become the username for your account.

          2.If the account you have been using is tied to an e-mail distribution list used by multiple people you will want to create your own individual accounts. Keep in mind that anyone who logs in with that account has the ability to change the e-mail address and password and therefore lock all other user’s out. We strongly discourage using shared accounts. When logging in to use a service, post to forums or conduct other business it’s best to create your own individual account.

          3.If you have multiple Oracle.com accounts under different e-mail addresses we can assist you in trying to consolidate your history under one account. We'll do our best to combine your accounts whenever we can. This process is quite involved, so if you decide you'd like for us to merge your accounts we ask for your patience as we sort through your validation of the account information and enabling updates in the various systems involved. You can click here to request an account merge.

          (this is near the bottom of the page on that link if you need to get to the "request an account merge" link)
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            Timo Hahn
            I've gone through this lately (see http://tompeez.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/changing-otn-notification-e-mail-address-aka-username/ for more info). The essential thing was to remove all oracle related cookies. The whole process only took a couple of minutes. After that I cold log in with the new user name (aka email). To see the change of the email in the profile took about 1 - 2 days which is no big deal as it's not public in my case. Interestingly I received watch emails to the new address right away (as far as I can tell as it was Friday, which is a low post day).

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              Dave Rabone
              I've done the email address change too in the last week.

              Worked just fine - no data loss. I can't comment on how long it took because i don't log in every day ... however it was changed and working when I wanted it.

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                thanking you all, I'll try it this weekend and fingers and legs crossed, hopefully all will be good.