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    Stream Replication Oracle 11g asynchronous replication?


      We have setup one-way replication between two database which is running is this moment continuously replicating each change from one database to another database.
      We have used "Configuring two-Databases Replication with Local Capture Process" documentation from Oracle , and the configuraton was done from Enterprise Manager GUI Console.

      We would want to understand if is it possible to schedule this continuous replication to run asynchronous once a day at a specified time.

      We are using Oracle Database Version on both machines.

      Thank you.
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          Maybe a very simple way would be to stop the processes on your target database and start them at specified time.
          The problem would be to know the time when stopping them again...

          Let's say:
          - at 2am you stop the capture process with: exec DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM.START_CAPTURE('+capture_name+');
          - then at 3pm, you stop the process again with: exec DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM.STOP_CAPTURE('+capture_name+');

          You would have to check if 1 hour is sufficient to capture all the data made in the day... and don't delete ArchiveLog before...