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    Exadata Upgrade Tasks

    Saurabh Gupta-OC
      Dear All,

      This is to share with you that we have Exadata X-2 Quarter Rack for our Data Warehouse environment.
      We are upgrading Exadata, means adding one high capacity expansion rack to get more storage capacity.
      I know most of the tasks will be done by Oracle Engineers but just want to plan the tasks that has to be done by our end.

      I have couple of queries here, request your kind suggestion:

      What are the required tasks to be done before/after upgrade?
      We want to test performance of the DB before/after the upgrade, any specific steps for this?
      Please share if you have any case study for Exadata upgrade.

      We are currently on Exadata with Oracle version on Linux 5.3

      Thanks for your assistance in advance.

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          How you introduce the storage expansion rack into your current storage grid depends on how you want to carve up those disks along with what your current hard disk type is. If you currently have high performance disks on your Exadata, you don't want to mix the high capacity disks into the same diskgroup. In this case, you would want to create a new set of ASM diskgroups for the storage expansion rack (depending on what your storage requirements are).

          Exadata storage expansion racks can be introduced to an existing Exadata grid without any downtime. Just add the rack to the IB fabric, create the griddisks, configure the cellip.ora on compute nodes, and create the new diskgroups.

          As for the database upgrade, follow either MOS note 1315926.1 for or 1373255.1 for Also, if you're running with OEL 5.3, you're most likely using an Exadata V2, not an X2-2.
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            Saurabh Gupta-OC
            Hi Andy,

            Thanks for your reply.

            Yes, we have High Performance Disks in our existing environment and we would be creating new ASM diskgroups in expansion rack storage and planning to move old data into expansion rack storage using table's partition movement strategy.

            Yes, it is Exadata V2, sorry for typing mistake.

            Regarding DB upgrade, we have planned to upgrade it to in next couple of days.