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    Identifying boot-type for Solaris-11


      I have one small query for Solaris-11. :)

      How to identify if the system installation/booting is happening from Network (PXE based) or Media (DVD/CD)?
      Is there any system variable in Solaris-11 that can be accessed to know the boot-type?

      Rishi Raj
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          Dear all,

          Kindly share some information to my query on this thread..

          One extra info:
          When system installation is triggered from Network (PXE based), then system prints a message like this on the console, “Preparing Network Image for use”.
          Similarly, when system installation is trigged from DVD (ISO burned), then system prints message like, “Preparing Image for use.”

          This shows that system understands if the OS installation is happening via Network or Media.

          I need to know how the system understands the boot type during installation.

          Thanks & Regards,
          Rishi Raj
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            Dave Miner-Oracle
            What are you trying to do? Yes, there are ways that the services on the media at boot can identify this, but they are implementation artifacts that we do not commit to, so I'd rather understand the context of the question in order to provide a helpful answer.