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    Arugs Insight BOXI Connection

      Hi All,

      I am trying to install Argus insight with Business Object(BO), when i am trying to click on REPORT WRITER, getting "*You have no acces to BOXI server. Please contact your administrator* error.

      please help me.

      Thanks in Advance
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          You have to give the access to BO to allow third party application(Configuring Trusted Authentication for Business Objects)

          Refer the Argus Oracle® Argus Insight BOXI Installation Guide, Release 6.0 Page no 118

          Please fallow the below steps:

          1. Log on to the Central Management Console (CMC) with administrative rights.
          2. Click Authentication from the Home page.
          3. Double-click on Enterprise.
          4. Check the Trusted Authentication is enabled checkbox.
          5. Create a shared secret for your users.

          Create TrustedPrincipal.conf using note pad

          The name of the file must be TrustedPrincipal.conf.
          ■ The file must be placed at this location:
          ■ The file must contain SharedSecret=secretPassword, where secretPassword is the
          trusted authentication password.
          ■ The file must be saved with UTF-8 encoding if it contains non-ASCII characters.
          ■ Either Tomcat or Websphere must be installed on the BOXI Server.

          One more point here Dont use the Argus insight Administrator Account to access the BO.Create a user and Try.

          If possible create same as BO user in argus insight.

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