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    Dynamic action to get report column values

      version 4.1

      In my classic report i have a "unassign" image for a row. So, when I click on that image I want to remove that row from a table using two values in the report. Before this is done, I want to pop up a 'confirm' action and then process the delete.

      I worked out the pop up dynamic action using Jquery Selector td[headers=UNASSIGN].
      next If the confirm is true then, I want to get those two row cells from the selected row into hidden items and perform a delete process. Any suggestions how I can perform this using dynamic actions
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          Mahesh Reddy
          Not sure if we can do this using Dynamic Actions as it has multiple actions like showing a confirm popup, capturing column values into hidden items and submitting page with a request value. Instead you can write a javascript function which takes two column values as inputs and perform the confirm action then if it is true capture the input values using addparam and call an ajax process which would delete or update the row based on the captured values and then reload the page. Please post your solution if you can achieve this using Dynamic Actions.

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            You can easily get the values from any report, the key thing is the formation of the html code.

            Where are you clicking? Can you put the desired value into that column as an attribute? if so you can capture those values on onclick and do what you want.

            Can you create a example on apex.oracle.com and i am happy to help you